Flat Feet Can Cause Bunions; 3 Ways to Treat Your Feet

Published: 29th August 2009
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Our feet get the most use out of any other part of our body. We use them to get around, and they take the impact of every movement made. Day-in and day-out, they offer us reliable and painless performance. That is, unless a foot condition develops. This can include bunions, hammertoes, bunions and the like. Feet need to be pampered more than any part of the body. Many years of pain-free feet can be the result of taking good care of them. Here are 3 ways that feet can be pampered this season, even in the extremely hot weather.

How a Pedicure and Massage Can Make Foot Discomfort Disappear

Pedicures are simply the best way to indulge the feet. This is a great way to remove excess dead skin from the feet and toes as well as to rehydrate the entire foot. Rehydration is an advantage from a pedicure because feet are dipped in water and then moisturized with lotion. If the salon offers the option of a warm foot bath with a moisturizerizing additive, that is an even better way to replenish moisture. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, pedicure instruments that have been sterilized should always be used by the salon to avoid the spread of toenail fungus from one person to another. Pedicures not only make feet look great, but they supply them with optimal circulation through massage. Since the entire lower leg and foot is usually massaged during a pedicure, the foot is relieved of tensions and oxygen-rich blood can be circulated throughout the feet to refresh them! Even bunions and flat feet don't bother feet as much after one of these pampering treatments!

Footwear Mechanics: The Evils of Sandals, Thongs, and Flip-Flops

Summer is here and bare feet are worn more often at this time of the year. This can cause some real issues for people who suffer from bunions due to flat feet. According to podiatrists, not having any structure in the arch can cause this region of the foot to become stretched out and irritated. Though both of these conditions of the foot can be healed with special foot orthotics, thongs simply cannot provide proper arch support...until now. Special thongs for warm weather have been developed and some of them are quite fashionable. Look for sandals like these because they have built-in orthotic inserts for rigid arch support. You can take them to the beach, go walking at the mall or even wear them to an amusement park; these sandals will give you all-day comfort. Spoil feet with sandals like these in lieu of wearing common, flat flip-flops.

The Evils of Hot Weather, Under-Hydration, and Inactivity

The third way to indulge your feet during summertime is to hydrate with extra water intake, excercise, and keep them raised for 20 minutes each and every day. Increased temperatures can cause bloating in the feet and ankles which can worsen problems such as heel bone spurs and flat feet. This can cause daily aching and pain in the feet for many people. One suggested physical fitness plan that really helps relieve overheating as well as raise circulation is going for a swim. If activity, excellent hydration, and 20 minutes of keeping the foot elevated are consistent throughout the summer, feet will hurt less and swelling will be kept to a minimum.

This summer, try a pedicure, supportive sandals, and elevating the feet. You'll immediately rehydrate your skin, decrease bloating, and lessen pain. Don't forget to give your feet the relaxing spoiling they deserve!

Fred Salomon is a foot care specialist with professional and commercial ventures in the podiatry field, including foot care products and foot health treatment options. Almost all of us have experienced sore feet at the end of a long day. Though there are many causes for aching feet, they can be rejuvenated with the use of orthotic insoles. Orthotics control over-pronation due to flat feet and support your arches, taking away one of the major causes of tired, aching feet. You can find more information and treatment for many types of foot pain at www.footminders.com.

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